Wildwood Outdoor Classroom
Summer Lecture Series 2011

Full Schedule
Thursdays at 7:30 pm (except special lectures, June 26 and 27 coinciding with BIKE VIRGINIA)

June 9  Radford: Then and Now
Scott Gardner: Director of Glencoe Museum/Author

  • Come and explore the history of Radford!  Retrace the steps the city took from being a small settlement, to a town, and finally to an independent city through historic images from Scott’s recently published book “Radford: Then and Now.”
Former bridge over Wildwood


June 23  Bluebirds
Carl Hansen: Naturalist/Virginia Bluebird Society

  • Bluebirds occupy a special place in the hearts of many people with their cheerful chatter and bright colors. Learn about the daily life of Bluebirds from egg laying until fledging through video, photos, and exhibits. A summary of five years of blue bird box management in Wildwood and Bissett Park will be presented.

Sunday: June 26   Special lecture to coincide with BIKE VIRGINIA
Songs of the Night (8:30 pm) Note the special late time and bring a flashlight!
Jerry Via: Virginia Tech

  • Chirps, croaks, hoots, and shrieks -- find out what is making those extraordinary sounds of our warm summer nights with this popular multi-media presentation.  Do not be surprised by answering calls or a winged appearance of a nocturnal inhabitant! (Radford High School Auditorium in case of Rain.)


Monday:  June 27 Special lecture to coincide with BIKE VIRGINIA
Jump into a Stream
  (10:30 am)
Frank Taylor Biology Teacher / Radford High School

  • Explore the hidden aquatic world using invertebrate sampling nets and techniques for stream monitoring.   Learn to identify dozens of stream critters and how they are used to evaluate stream quality.  (Optional: Bring boots, river shoes, or sandals!)

Damselfly larva
Greg Paulsen, RU, 2002

July 7   Natures Recyclers: Subterranean Termites and Carpenter Ants
            Dini Miller: Entomology and Urban Pest Management Specialist Virginia Tech

  • Get up-close and personal with two of Virginia’s most misunderstood insect species.  Best known to us as invasive pest species and tangible threats to our homes, discover the important ecological role termites and carpenter ants play as nature’s recyclers.  “Unearth” the fascinating life histories of these “social” insects!

Clustered midrib gall wasp galls

July 21   Wonders of Wildwood
            Nancy Kent: Naturalist/Photography

  • Witness Nancy Kent’s journey through photos from casual observer to extraordinary naturalist and photographer.  Discover the diversity and beauty of nature through the lens of Nancy’s camera and see how her perception of nature changed as she explored with her camera.  

August 4  The Power of Trees….in Radford!
            David Horton: Chairman/Radford Commission on Beautification and Municipal forests

  • From the lush beauty of a walk through Wildwood Park to the cheery flowering decorations along Main Street to your favorite spot in your own backyard, trees help make the city of Radford a great home. Come learn to unlock the power of trees within our own community in ways that will save you money and enhance Radford’s environment for years to come.

Sugar maple

August 18  Coyotes: They’re Here to Stay!
            Jim Parkhurst: Virginia Tech Department of Fish and Wildlife Conservation

  • A peek into the life of one of Virginia’s newest additions to our biodiversity.  We will examine the history and biology of the coyote, and then confront the management challenges presented by this tremendously adaptable animal.  It wasn’t by chance that this critter got its notoriety for being “wiley”.


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