Wildwood Outdoor Classroom
Summer Nature Series 2019

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Thursdays @ 7:30 pm

June 13: Let's Talk Turtles
Amy Roberts, Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries and Radford University Biology Department

In this turtle talk, we will learn about different species of turtles in Virginia: What makes a turtle a turtle? What do different species look like? Where do they live? How can we help our terrific tenacious turtles?

Eastern Box Turtle


June 27: New or Not? A Geological Mystery
Sarah Ulrich, Virginia Tech Department of Geosciences and Virginia Master Naturalists

What's in a name? You've heard that the New River is one of the oldest rivers in the world, but what if it's not even the oldest river in the Southeast? How do we figure out the age of a river, anyway? Learn about a natural history mystery involving one of our most enigmatic rivers.


July 11: There's Fungus Among Us
Gary Coté, Radford University Biology Department

What exactly is a fungus? What’s a mushroom? Are the mushrooms in Wildwood good or bad? Are they dangerous? Learn the answers and meet some of the interesting mushrooms and other fungi of Wildwood Park.


July 25: Fins & Scales: The Amazing Fishes of the New River
Chanz Hopkins, Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries

The New River has a unique history that is accompanied by a unique diversity of fish fauna, some found nowhere else in the world. These New River endemics are a local treasure.

August 8: 'Living Fossils' in the New River Valley
Lynn Resler, Virginia Tech Department of Geography

Did you know there is a little bit of Jurassic Park left in our own backyard? ‘Living fossils’ are organisms living today that have ancient origins. They have remained relatively unchanged for millions of years. Learn about local trees & plants that originated during the time of the dinosaurs, or before!

August 22: Ethnobotany: Got Any?
Ryley Harris, Virginia Tech Department of Geography, Virginia Master Naturalists

Ever wonder if common 'weeds' have edible or medicinal value? Come explore Radford's own native plant hotspot and learn about the cultural, edible, and medicinal aspects of the flora we encounter every day. The timing of this walk is great to experience the rich diversity and abundance of fall wildflowers.

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