Wildwood Outdoor Classroom
Summer Nature Series 2014

Full Schedule
Thursdays 7:30 to 8:30 pm

June 12  Fireflies
Jackson Means: Virginia Tech

  • Observe firefly mating displays! Learn how sexes communicate with flashing lights -- and how imposters lure males to their deaths.

Big Brown Bat

June 26  Bats
Karen Powers: Radford University

  • Why are they so unappreciated? Learn how to dispel myths about them. Learn about unique communication & behaviors.

July 10   Wildwood Park Geology
            Jane Fisher and Robert Whisonant: Radford University

  • A geology field trip in the park! Learn our rocks and soils. Discover park history.

Eastern Box Turtle

July 24   Reptiles & Amphibians
            Matt Close and Matti Hamed: Radford University

  • See live specimens! Learn how they are easily harmed by humans. Learn why they are important.

August 7  Bugs!
            Dini Miller: Virginia Tech

  • What is a bug? Learn about urban bug pests: stink bugs, bed bugs, kudzu bugs. Can knowing their life histories help us control pests?
Wheel bug

August 21
 Falcons & Hawks

            Lee Chichester: Master Falconer

  • Why do they have stiff feathers and flexible feathers? Why are they different in where they place their eggs? Does egg placement affect the entire ecosystem?

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