Wildwood Outdoor Classroom
Summer Nature Series 2015

Full Schedule
Thursdays 7:30 to 8:30 pm

June 11 Who Made That Print? Identifying Wildlife Tracks and Other Signs
            Karen Powers: Radford University & Virginia Master Naturalists

  • Ever see an animal track, and wonder, who made that? Learn the main keys to identifying animal tracks and other signs of wildlife. Try out your new-found identification skills with real wildlife signs that will be on-hand, and learn how to make plaster casts of a real track.

June 25 Calls of Frogs and Toads
            Shannon Ritter: Virginia Tech & Virginia Master Naturalists

  • On a warm spring or early summer night, you might sit on your porch and listen to the frogs and toads calling. Ever wonder who is making these calls? Join us as we learn how to identify the calls of local frogs and toads, and learn about the statewide calling surveys that help us to understand the ecology of these cute crooners.

July 9  Bringing Nature to Your Own Backyard
            Suzie Leslie: Virginia Master Naturalists

  • Are you SURE you want to attract wildlife to your backyard?  Ideas on gardening with native plants to attract the wildlife you want and discourage the ones you'd just as soon keep away. Be prepared to shrink the lawn and get excited about bugs eating your plants!
Eastern Tiger Swallowtail

Caterpillar face

July 23   Insects: Up-close!
            Tom McAvoy: Virginia Tech & Virginia Master Naturalists

  • Let's explore the diversity of insects in our region! Then, using microscopes provided on-site, learn to identify common critters you might find in your backyard and beyond.

August 6 Beneath The Surface: An Introduction to the Native Fishes of Southwest Virginia
            Derek Wheaton, Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries

  • Take a trip into the water as we take a look at the amazing diversity of freshwater fishes in our local streams and rivers. Learn about the variety of special adaptations and behaviors these animals have to cope with life in highly dynamic habitats.
Connelly's Run

August 20
 The Fast & The Feisty: Encountering Hummingbirds

            Melanie Fox: Radford University & Virginia Master Naturalist

  • Tiny birds with big attitudes, hummingbirds are more than just colorful, mysterious summer visitors to our gardens. Dive into the amazing, high-energy world of North America’s smallest bird by learning about their lives and habits and how to attract these fluttery friends to your yard.

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