Damage from the Storm of June 30th, 2012
Winds of up to 80 mph struck the Park around 9 o'clock in the evening. some of the damage shown below.

Westslope trail
Trail out on the west slope


Westslope trail
Another view of the trail destruction

Fallen tree
Full length view of fallen tree -- note top branches in the Run

Uprooted tree
Enormous roots of uprooted tree

Trees down in Connelly's Run
Several trees fallen into Connelly's Run

A huge buckeye fell, nearly taking out the footbridge over Connelly's Run...
Trashcan destroyed
...smashing a trashcan...

...and dropping its upper branches on the kiosk.

Impassable trail
Lower west side trail along Connelly's Run left nearly impassable by debris.
Shattered tree
What's left of the tree that shattered over the lower west side trail.
Two fallen trees
Two trees down in Connelly's Run.
Eastside treee
Damage was less on the east slope, but not minor.

Shattered tree
Another shattered tree from the east slope.

Updated 15 October 2012

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