Eight-Spotted Forester Moth, Alypia octomaculata
Noctuidae or Owlet Moth Family

Adult, back

About two inches across and elegantly dressed in jet black, with two large pale yellow spots on each forewing and two large white spots on each hindwing, both above and below. Body covered with black fur, except for a pale yellow ruff about the face and shocking orange leggings on the front and middle legs. Caterpillar is striped in purple grey and chestnut brown and feeds on grapes and Virginia creeper. A day-flying moth active in late spring to early summer.

One of our most beautiful native moths, often mistaken for a butterfly because of its beauty and diurnal habits. Common in the Park.

Easily identified by its striking fashion sense, if it sits still long enough to be examined!

Adult, side
Adult, face


Adult, head and front legs

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