Chickweed Geometer, Haematopis grataria
Geometridaeidae or Geometer Family

A small moth, less than an inch in wingspan. Wings dull to bright yellow with two pink to red stripes running acorss them and a pink fringe at the edge. Front wings also have a pink spot each, in front of the stripes. Males have feathery antennas while females (shown) have thread-like antennas. Flies from mid-spring to mid-autumn, with a peak in August. Often flies in the daytime.

Caterpillar is a little yellowish brown inchworm with stumpy legs (technically, prolegs) near the front and back. The names inchworm and geometer both come from the caterpillars movement by bringing the back legs up to the front legs, forming a loop, and then reaching out with the forelegs, measuring another inch or so of geometry. The caterpillars feed on chickweeds, knotweeds, clovers and other low plants.

Found throughout the United States and central Canada. Occasional in Wildwood.

This is an easy moth to identify as the color scheme is unique and quite striking.


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