Chosen Sallow, Psaphida electilis
Noctuidae or Owlet Moth Family


Medium-size moth, about two inches. Wing pattern varies with geographical location; ours have a pattern of reddish brown shading at wing bases, in side spots, and in kidney-shaped spots near head. Larva is a small green caterpillar,with yellow stripes and spots, that feeds on hickory and walnut leaves. One generation per year, flies in late winter to very early spring. Adult is nocturnal and rests by day. The photographed specimen was resting on the restroom wall (a good place to find moths in the daytime).

Canada south to Florida, but mostly found around Kentucky and adjacent states. Considered rare east of the Appalachians and south of Pennsylvania.

The species name electilis means "chosen" or "elected," hence the common name. However, I do not know who chose it or for what.

Wing details

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