Eastern Box Turtle, Terrapene carolina carolina
Emydidae or Pond Turtle Family

Front view

A terrestrial turtle. Carapace (upper part of shell) rounded, black with highly variable yellow or orange markings. Face and feet olive to brown, marked with black and yellow to orange. Males have flatter carapaces and red eyes; females are rounder and have yellow-brown eyes. Young turtles are very, very shy and rarely seen. In the winter they hibernate underground. They eat just about anything that fits into their mouths, including mushrooms poisonous to humans.


Likes moist woods with plenty of undergrowth. Although terrestrial, sometimes wades in water. Occasionally seen in Wildwood.

Easily identified by its bright colors and terrestrial habit. Other subspecies of eastern box turtle are less brightly colored and are found south and west of us.

Shell pattern
Top view Box Turtle, yellow variant Top view, orange variant

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