Eastern Phoebe, Sayornis phoebe
Tyrannidae or Tyrant Flycatcher Family


A cute little bird, brownish gray above, off-white below with grayish streaks. Beak short and moderately thin. They watch for insects from their perches and make short flight to catch them; they sometimes hover akwardly while trying to catch prey. Make "Peep!" and "Phoebe!" calls. Commonest in summer, although we are at the northern edge of their year-round range, so winter phoebes would not be surprising.

A bird of open woods and woodland edges. They prefer man-made structures with overhangs or eaves for their nests, often leading to great annoyance to homeowners. In Widlwood may be seenh hunting in open areas and nesting near the bathrooms. The nest in the photo was over the bathroom light.

Several other birds in the Park are similar but rarer and more secretive.


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