Eastern Tailed Blue, Cupido comyntas
Formerly called Everes comyntas. The genera Everes and Cupido were combined.
Lycaenidae or Blue Family

Female adult

A small butterfly, about an inch across. Male wings are iridiscent pale to deep blue above, with dark margins, and white edges. Rear of hind wing dotted with black and one orange spot above the tiny projecting tails. Female wings are grayish brown, edged with white, and with black and orange spots at rear edge of hindwings. Wings in both sexes are silvery gray beneath, with black spots throughout and orange spots at edge of hindwing..

Caterpillar brown green, hairy. Feeds on the flowers and leaves of a variety of plans in the bean family.

Found throughout the US and southern Canada. A dainty butterfly of meadows and forest paths.

The picture is a female. We need pics of the male!




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