Eastern Gray Squirrel, Sciurus carolinensis
Sciuridae or Squirrel Family

Squirrel on ground

Large rodent with bushy tail. Fur gray to reddish brown with white stomach, rarely all black or white. Active in the daytime, year round. Climbs readily and builds nests in trees. Eats berries, nuts, acorns and mushrooms. Caches food for later eating. Sometimes clears out caches and re-hides food in better places. Clever enough to fake hiding the food if it thinks it's being watched.


Squirrel in tree

Squirrel in tree 

A charming native of the eastern United States. A nasty invasive in Great Britain, and parts of Ireland, Italy and the Northwest U.S. Very common in Wildwood.

Easily identified. Nearly everyone recognizes squirrels and there are no other native or invasive tree squirrels in our area. Chipmunks are smaller, live on the ground, and have distinctive stripes and small tails.

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