Kent's Geometer, Selenia kentaria
Geometridae or Geometer Family

Adult moth

Medium-sized moth; wingspan about an inch and a quarter to two and a quarter. Wings normally held folded, unlike most moths. Wings ruffled at edge, colored with indistinct bands of browns and whites, and camoulflaging the moth as a dead leaf. Body fat, brown with white stripes. Flies from March to August.

The caterpillar is a brown inchworm, with stumpy legs (technically, prolegs) at front and back. It moves by bringing the back legs forward to the front legs, forming a loop with the body, and then reaching out with the front legs. The term geometer comes from the Greek geo, "the earth," and metron, "to measure," and refers to how the caterpillar seems to be measure out whatever it walks on.

Native to much of southern Canada and the United States from Maine to Georgia, west to Missouri. It hangs out in deciduous forests. It could be common in Wildwood but rarely noticed because of its camouflage. The one in the picture decided to perch on the outside wall of the restroom and pose for the photographer (coincidentally also named Kent).

Adult moth

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