Long-Tailed Skipper, Urbanus proteus
Hesperiidae or Skipper Family

Adult, back

A large skipper, about 2 inches across, that holds its wings flat when at rest. It has two long tails. Wings are dark brown with white bands on the margins and white angular markings forming rings on the upper forewing. Underneath are white and black markings. The upper body and wing bases are iridiscent blue green when the light strikes it correctly; but appear dark brown in shade (as below). Caterpillar is green with two long, yellow stripes and many yellow spots, and a prominent, jet-black head. It is an agricultural pest on beans.

A gorgeous native of South America and the southern US. It is unable to survive our winters but occasionally wanders this far north (or even to New England!) and visits the Park.

The long tails and blue-green iridescence make this rare visitor easy to identify

Adult, side
Adult, back

 Adult, in shade

Adult, feeding

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