Zabulon Skipper, Poanes zabulon
Hesperiidae or Skipper Family

Adult male

Small buttefly with triangular wings. Male wings orange, edged with dark brown. Underside yellow-orange with brown markings, and a yellow spot within the brown at the base of the hindwing.. Female wings dark brown with white markings and edgings above. Brown, marked with blue below, with a bold white margin at the top of the hindwing. Often rests with hindwings held straight out at sides, and forewings held up vertically. Body fat, furry, olive-colored. Eyes large, black. Caterpillar small, green or brown, eats grasses. Adults may be found in spring and again in late summer; they feed on flower nectar.

Primarily a species of the eastern US. Common in Wildwood.

It is very similar to the hobomok skipper (Poanes hobomok). The caterpillar is all but indistinguishable from caterpillars of related species.


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