Cracked-Cap Polypore, Phellinus rimosus
Hymenochaetaceae or Hairy CrustFamily


A medium to large, woody, shelf fungus, up to 20 inches across and 10 inches thick. Cap velvety when young, woody and cracked when older, with concentric furrows, colored in concentric bands of black, brown, and orange. Rings of green may also be present from colonizing algae. Pore surface brown to orange-brown. Pores circular, minute. Perennial, growing new pores each year.

Parasitic on living hardwood trees, and also decaying the dead wood of these species. Very common in Wildwood in forested areas.

Recently the species has been split up depending on the host tree (oak, locust, walnut). The Wildwood population needs more study.

Top Pores close up Pore surface

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