Elegant or Black-Footed Polypore, Polyporus varius
(also known as P. elegans -- a name applied to a similar mushroom that scientists eventually decided was the same thing!)
Polyporaceae or Polypore Family

Mushroom from below

A small, 1 to 4-inch wide, mushroom fruiting on fallen sticks and branches of hardwoods. Cap smooth, tan, round to kidney-shaped. Stalk central or to one side, black or half-black. Pores small, white at first, becoming dingy brown, running down the stalk. Fruits in summer to fall, but being tough, the mushroom may persist long after it is finished making spores.

A wood-rotting fungus of hardwood forests, moderately common in Wildwood.

Easily identified by its habit of growing on wood, its pores, and, especially, its black foot.

Mushroom from side
  Mushroom from top Pores

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