Hairy Rubber Cup, Galiella rufa
formerly Bulgaria rufa
Sarcosomataceae or Charred Cup Family

Cluster of mushrooms

Small, about an inch to an inch-and-a-half, cup fungus with an uncanny resemblance to Reese's Peanutbutter Cups. Initially cylindrical, it tears open at the top to reveal an inner membrane, through a ragged opening. Outside hairy, dark brown to black, resembling chocolate. Inside colored like peanut butter. Consistency rubbery. Fruits in late spring or early summer, usually in clusters on fallen sticks and logs. The shiny black things inside are probably hungry insects and not part of the mushroom.

A decayer of dead wood, thus recycling fallen wood back into the soil. Known from the upper east side of the Park; how common it may be elsewhere can only be guessed.

The dull colors blend into the forest floor, but once it has been noticed it is not likely to be confused with anything else except maybe a discarded chocolate candy.

Cluster of mushrooms

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