Hexagonal-Pored Polypore, Polyporus alveolaris
(also called Polyporus mori and Favolus alveolaris in some guidebooks)
Polyporaceae or Polypore Family

Mushrooms in habitat

Moderate sized mushroom, 1 to 10 cm wide. Usually shelf-like, with a short stubby stalk at the side. Cap mottled orange. Pores on underside large, diamond-shaped to hexagonal, whitish to yellowish. Cap wrinkling and pores becoming somewhat irregular when drying (as at bottom). Fruits, singly, or in groups, from spring to fall, but most commonly in early summer.

Grows on, and decays, dead sticks and logs from hardwood trees; rarely infects living trees. Found over much of North America, as well as China, Australia and Europe. Occasional in Wildwood in the forested areas.

Resembles dryad's saddle, but that species lacks orange tones and is much larger.

Pores Pores Mushrooms on stick
Cap, drying   Pores, drying

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