Lemon Lichen, Candelaria concolor
Candlariaceae or Lemon Lichen Family


Lichen body (thallus) composed of tiny lobed flakes of yellow to orange yellow in small patches. From a distance it looks like a small smear of yellow paint. Fruting bodies (apothecia -- see at right) which produce spores, are bowl shaped, with granular rims, and the same color as the thallus, but are rare. Grows on bark or wood, or sometimes on rock.

Occurs pretty much worldwide. Common in Wildwood and in our area generally, especially near the bases of trees.

Easily idenified. Look for errant yellow paint. Good eyes or a hand lens will then show the intricate structure. Weber's Sunburst (Xanthomendoza weberi) is more orange, and forms definitie long narrow lobes; it is also common in the Park. Sulphur Firedot (Caloplaca flovovirescens) is made of orange buttons on a background of yellowish flecks and grows only on rock or artificial rock (concrete, mortar).

Fruiting bodies (apothecia)



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