Lawn Mower's Mushroom, Panaeolus foenisecii
(Also called Psathyrella foenisecii)
Bolbitiaceae or Fieldcap Family


Small mushroom, about an inch wide and 2 -3 inches tall. Cap bell-shaped, flattening with age, dark brown, often purplish, turning light brown as it dries, often with bands of different shades while drying. Gills brown, often purplish, darkening with age. Stem pale brown, darkening with age. Can pop up anytime in late spring, summer or fall.

One of the most common mushrooms in North America, growing in lawns and open places, often in large numbers. To be expected in the Park in grassy and open areas.

The combination of shape, brown tones, and grassy habitat makes this fungus fairly easy to identify. The changing color as it ages is a good confirming clue.


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