Meadow Mushroom, Agaricus campestris
Agaricaceae or Pizza Mushroom Family

Mushroom in habitat

A familiar mushroom of fields, meadows, lawns and grassy places. Medium sized, 3 to 5 inches across. Cap white to off-white. Gills pink aging to chocolate brown. Spores chocolate brown. A veil covers the gills when the mushroom is very young, leaving a ring that is quickly lost. Overall very similar to the cultivated pizza mushroom of the grocery store (A. bisporus). Fruits in the fall.

Has been seen in Wildwood in the Great South Meadow, and to be expected in other mowed areas. Outside of the Park a common mushroom of lawns.

Reasonably easy to identify based on the white color, pink to chocolate gills, and habitat in lawns. Several species have been separated out from this species, based on chemical differences, but not everyone recongizes them as different.


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