Milk-White Toothed Polypore, Irpex lacteus
Meruliaceae or Merulius Family
(The Meruliaceae are also called the Steccherinaceae)

Fungus on branch

Grows on dead wood, usually on the underside of fallen branches (the branches in the pictures have been turned over). Fruiting body growing flat against the branch with the pore-bearing surface facing downward (a growth habit known as resupinate), spreading irregularly over the lower surface. At the sides of the branch, it may grow outward to form a small shelf with a velvety, whitish to greyish upper surface, often showing concentric zones. The undersurface generally milky white to buff, with small pores which eventually break up into irregular tooth-like projections.

Common over much of Norht America, except the Southwest. Common in Wildwood Park.

Split pore crust (Schizopora paradoxa) is similar, but whiter and with more pronounced teeth instead of pores.


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