Multicolored Gilled Polypore, Lenzites betulina
Polyporaceae or Polypore Family

Mushroom cap

A stalkless shelf fungus, up to 4 inches across, with radial fuzzy zones of different colors. Despite being a polpore, underneath it has folds that look like the gills of gilled mushrooms. The folds are white when fresh, turning a dirty white.

A decayer of logs and stumps, mostly from deciduous trees. Despite the name (betulina means "of birch"), it does not specialize on birch wood. Look for it in moister parts of Wildwood with lots of wood to decay.

From above it looks like a turkey-tail (Trametes versicolor) or one of the false turkey-tails (Stereum spp.) which are also common in the Park. However, the "gills" give it away; turkey-tails have pores and the false turkey-tails have a smooth surface underneath.

Mushroom "gills"
  Bands on cap  

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