Parrot Mushroom, Gliophorus psittacinus
Also called Hygrocybe psittacina and Hygrophorus psittacinus
Hygrophoraceae or Waxycap Family

Young mushroom

Small mushroom, under two inches across. Cap gelatinous, slimy, parrot-green when young, fading to yellow and thence to a nondescrepit straw color. Gills widely spaced, pale green turning yellow. Stalk about one to two inches long, green above, yellow below, fading to yellow. Fruits spring to fall.

A forest mushroom, often growing with mosses. Seemingly rare in Wildwood, but may be more common than thought.

If you find it when it's young and gaudy, you can be sure of its identification. Green is a rare color in fungi. If your specimens are older and faded, it is very hard to identify from other small straw-colored mushrooms.

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