Rusty Gilled Polypore, Gloeophyllum sepiarium
Gloeophyllaceae or Rusty Gilled Polypore Family


A stalkless shelf fungus growing on wood. Cap up to 5 inches across, but much smaller in the ones known from Wildwood. Top of cap orange when very young, turning orange-brown to brown to almost black, but usually remaining orange at edge. Underside with folds that resemble gills, despite the fact that it is a polypore and should have pores. The "gills" are thick and whitish orange to brownish orange. The fleshy is woody, orange brown if you break one to see the flesh.

A decomposer of dead conifer wood all across North America. Fond of lumber, and in Wildwood found occasionally on fence rails.

The tough woody flesh, thick gills, growth on wood, and, especially, the orange colors readily identify this species.


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