Ruddy Panus, Panus rudis
Also called Lentinus strigosus in some field guides
Polyporaceae or Polypore Family


Small mushroom, 1 to 5 inches wide. Cap pink to purple when young, fading to brownish, densely hairy with small white hairs. Cap margin inrolled when young. Gills running down the stalk, sometimes pink or purple when young, but becoming white. Stalk also hairy, usually off center, sometimes branching at the base. Fruits spring through fall.

Grows on and decays recently dead wood of hardwoods. Occasional in Wildwood.

The pinkish to purplish tints, off center stalk, fuzziness, and habit on wood make this species distinctive.

This is a very odd fungus. Although DNA evidence shows it to be a polypore, it has obvious gills instead of pores. The evolution of pores versus gills is still not well understood.

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