Shaggy Stalk Bolete, Heimioporus betula
(formerly Boletellus betula
Boletaceae or Bolete Family


Medium mushroom, up to about 3 and a half inches across, and up to a foot tall. Unusually tall and skinny. Cap yellow, orange or red, slimy when young and the weather is moist. Stalk yellow with a deep reticulations forming a net over its surface, often becoming reddish. A member of the general group called boletes which have pores instead of gills; spores are borne in the pores and released. Pore surface yellow, spongy. Found on the ground in summer and fall, under oaks and pine. It is mycorrhizzal on oak, and sometimes pine, roots, which means that the fungus grows into the roots and cooperates with the tree; it supplies the tree with minerals pulled from the soil, and the tree providesthe fungus with sugars.

Common in Wildwood when conditions are favorable.

The pores, reticulations on the stalk, and the unusual tallness make this farily easy to identify.





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