Short-Stalked White Russula, Russula angustispora / Russula brevipes
Russulaceae or Russula Family


Fat, beefy mushroom to 8 inches across. Cap white, smooth, dry, with central depression and inrolled margin when young. Flattening and sometimes discoloring brownish when older. Gills crowded, attached to stalk and running a little ways down it. Stalk relatively short and fat, dry, smooth and whitish. FRuits late summer to fall.

Mycorrhizal with conifers, which means the conifers feed it sugars and it provides the trees with minerals from the soil. Thus likely to be found under pines.

R angustispora and R. brevipes are described as essentially identical macroscopically. They differ in the size and shape of the spores, which can be ascertained only under the microscope.


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