Turban Lichen, Cladonia peziziformis
Cladoniaceae or British Soldiers Family


Lichen body a series of tiny green flecks sticking to the surface (called squamules). From these grow up little (under an inch tall) bluish-green twigs with brownish-pink convoluted strucures on top, looking like tiny green sprites wearing untidy brown turbans. The brown turbans are the spore-forming structures. Grows on the ground, on fallen logs, and decaying stumps.

Very common along the Main Street Staircase in the northeast corner of the Park.

There are huge number of species of Cladonia forming little twigs with red or brown hats, but only two have ever been reported in the Park. Many of them are hard to tell apart, but this species is easy to identify because of the brownish color and unusually large size of the hats relative to the stalks. The British soldiers (C. cristatella) that give the family its name have brilliant red hats.


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