Violet-Toothed Polypore, Trichaptum biforme
Polyporaceae or Polypore Family


A small, whitish shelf fungus, a couple of inches wide or less, usually growing in large numbers on dead standing or fallen hardwood. The caps are whitish, with concentric rings, usually with a violet band near the edge. The pores are deep violet when fresh, quickly fading, but usually retaining some violet at the edge, even when old and dry. The pores are small, and often erode to become more tooth-like than pore-like.

Found in all 50 states and all Canadian provinces; one of the most common fungi in eastern North America. Very common in Wildwood.

Easily identified when fresh, by the unique violet tones. Even when old and faded, there is usually still a hint of violet at the edge.

Pores close up  
Mushrooms from below


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