White Marasmius, Marasmiellus candidus
Marasmiaceae or Fairy Circle Family

Mushrooms in habitat

Small mushroom, on twigs, branches and other forest debris. Cap bell shaped when young, become flat to flaring, white, sometimes with hints of tan or pink. Gills white, widely spaced, usually branching and curving, attached to stalk. Stalk usually white at top shading to gray or black at base. Fruits in summer.

An elegant little decomposer of forest debris, found worldwide.

Easily overlooked, but, if found, easily identified by its small size, growth on wood, wide-spaced gills and two-toned stalk. The related Pinwheel (Marasmius rotula) is even smaller, with a very thin, black, wiry stalk

Mushrooms on stick, top view
Young, wet mushroom Gills Mushrooms on stick, side view

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