Wrinkled Crust, Phlebia radiata
Meruliaceae or Merulius Family

Mushrooms in habitat
A pink to orange crust that grows flat on the surface of the wood it is helping to rot. The rubbery surface develops wrinkles that radiate outward resembling a fungal image of the sun; however, individuals eventually fuse together, obscuring the sunny look.

A rotter of dead wood of both conifers and deciduous trees. Common throughout North America, but ofen ignored. Probably common in Wildwood, especially in the moister areas with lots of downed wood.

The orange to pink color and the radiating pattern is distinctive and make this easy to identify.. If you search under fallen branches for it, you may find other colorful corticioids like Cobalt Crust (Pulcherricium caeruleum) and Reddish Brown Crust (Hymenochaete tabacina), as well as Wrinkled Crust's cousin, Red and Yellow Crust (Phlebia coccineofulva). Another cousin, Coral-Pink Merulius (Phlebia incarnata) looks like a small, hot pink shelf fungus.


  Mushrooms on log

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