One-Seeded Bur Cucumber, Sicyos angulatus
Cucurbitaceae or Gourd Family


Sprawling vine, climbing with tendrils. Vines covered with sticky hairs. Leaves broad, roughly heart-shaped, but with 5 lobes, alternate on the vine. Flowers in clusters in the leaf axils. Females in round clusters (right and below); males in elongated clusters on long stalks (seen at left). Flowers greenish white, with 5 petals. Blooms in late summer. Fruits are small, prickly, pear-shaped cucumbers that mature to dry, browny, spiny burs, each containing a single seed.

A native, weedy, distant relative of garden cucumbers. Likes open hedgerows and riverbanks. Occasional in Wildwood along Connelly's Run.

Unmistakable. The combination of small white flowers and prickly fruits on vines with these leaves is unique in the Park.

Female Inflorescence
Female Flowers

Early Fruits