Allegheny Stonecrop or Allegheny Live-Forever, Hylotelephium telephioides
(called Sedum telephioides in many field guides)
Crassulaceae or Stonecrop Family


Low plant, half to a foot and a half tall. Flowers star-shaped, five-petaled, pale pink, in dense flat-topped clusters, very attractive to insects. Leaves opposite each other, thick and fleshy, oval, rounded, with few or no teeth. Blooms in late summer to early fall.

A very pretty native of dry, rocky places. Known in Wildwood from the dry area near the Main Street entrance, between the wetlands.

Distinctive plant. The fleshy leaves and profuse pink blossoms make identification easy. However, it may be hard to see over the tall grasses and other plants.

Leaf Inflorescence Stem

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