Alumroot,  Heuchera americana
Saxifragaceae or Saxifrage Family

Erect herb, consisting of a long, 1 to 3-foot flowerstalk arising from a clump of basal leaves.  Basal leaves heart-shaped in outline, but with shallow, rounded lobes and blunt teeth.  One or two leaves on flowerstalk itself, similar to the basal leaves.  Flowers tiny, a few each on short braches from the main stalk, green or purplish.  Blooms in late spring and early summer.

Woods and rocky areas.  In Wildwood, occasional in the wooded areas.

The tiny, nondescript flowers on a long stalk from a cluster of distinctively shaped leaves serve to easily identify this plant. Virginia knotweed (Tovara virginiana) also has tiny flowers on long stalks, but the leaves and flowers are very different.