Asparagus,  Asparagus officinalis
Asparagaceae or Asparagus Family

Plant Tall, lacy, ferny plant, to 6 feet.  Leaves replaced by very short, green photosynthesizing branches.  True leaves reduced to scarcely noticeable scales.  Flowers tiny, white to greenish, hanging on long stalks from the main branches.  Fruit a bright red berry.  Blooms in early summer. 

This alien is the same species that produces the springtime edible asparagus sprouts.  It occasionally escapes into fields and waste places.  In Wildwood, occasional along Wildwood Drive.

A distinctive plant, unlikely to be confused with anything else in the Park.  The houseplant, asparagus fern, is a related species.

Photosynthetic branchlets

Back of flower

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