American Basswood,  Tilia americana
Tiliaceae or Basswood Family

Large tree with heart-shaped, toothed leaves. Leaf bases are not symmetrical; one side is lower than the other. Flowers are yellowish, fragrant, and popular with bees. The flowers are in pairs or small clusters dangling beneath a long leaf-like bract.  Thes bracts work like parachutes to carry the fruits, which are small nutlets, to the ground.  Blooms in early to mid-summer; fruits mature in late summer to autumn. 

Native tree of moist forests.  Common in Wildwood's forests, especially near Connelly's run.

The parachute above the flowers and fruits is unique among the Park's trees. In leaf, the unequal leaf base is distinctive. The European littleleaf linden (Tilia cordata ) has similar, though smaller, leaves and similar fruits and is commonly cultivated as a shade tree.


Closeup of flowers
Leaf upper surface

Leaf lower surface

Single pair of fruits

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