Broad-Leaved or Zigzag Goldenrod,  Solidago flexicaulis
Asteraceae or Sunflower Family

Medium plant, 1 to 3 feet tall. Flower heads with a few central disc flowers and a few radiating ray flowers, all golden yellow. Heads mostly in small clusters arising from the axils (where the leaves join the stems).  Stem is not straight but changes direction a little at each axil.  Leaves wide, egg-shaped with long sharp teeth and a long pointed tip, abruptly narrowing to a short stalk.  Blooms in autumn.

Native plant of rich woods.  Very common in the woods on both slopes of Wildwood.

Goldenrods are a difficult group to identify, and there are many similar species.  This species, however, is fairly easy to recognize by its broad leaves, zigzag stem, and woodland habitat. Autumn goldenrod (S. sphacelata) has smaller leaves, only the lower ones of which are toothed, and much more elongated flower clusters.