Orange Eye Butterflybush, Buddleja davidii
Buddlejaceae or Butterflybush Family

Plant A medium woody shrub. Leaves narrow, pointed, untoothed, opposite each other, whitened beneath. Flowers in a dense cluster at the ends of the stems. Four petals, purple, pink, yellow or white, usually with an orange center, fragrant. Blooms in late summer. Fruit a woody capsule.

Alien. Frequently planted because of its beatiful, fragrant flowers, and because it attracts bees and butterflies. Sometimes escaping to waste areas, quarries and walls. Invasive in some states. In Wildwood, rare; seen in the floodplain of Connelly's Run. May not persist long, but may invade the Park again.

The dense spike of orange-eyed blooms is distinctive.

Leaves Flowers