Shadblow or Canadian Serviceberry, Amelanchier canadensis
Rosaceae or Rose Family


A tall shrub or small tree to 25 feet tall, usually growing in clumps. Leaves oblong, (that is, with the two sides almost parallel), rounded at the tip, finely toothed, white furry when young, becoming hairless. Flowers white, with 5 petals longer than wide in the early spring. Fruits are blackish berries.

A lovely native that brightens up the bare forests in the spring. In Wildwood found planted by the restrooms; may also occur wild in the forests, but this has not been verified.

Flowers resemble those of cherries and apples, which also bloom in the spring; however, those trees have flower with rounder petals. Wild serviceberries have been reported in the Park, but have not been studied. This species and downy serviceberry (A. arborea) are the most likely species.

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