Carpenter's Square or Maryland Figwort (Scrophularia marilandica)
Scrophulariaceae or Figwort Family


Tall plant, to 8 ft tall. Leaves egg-shaped, toothed, on long stalks. Small flowers in a large, loose, branching cluster. Flowers greenish and maroon, pot-shaped, with two lips. Upper lip has two lobes; lower lip has three, the center one bent back under the flower. Inside, at the top of the flower, there is a broad scale, an undeveloped stamen, that is purple to brown. Fruits dull brown, spherical capsules. Blooms in summer.

Native. In Wildwood in semi-open areas such as under trees along the Riverway bike path.

Easily overlooked; however, the pot-shaped, green and maroon flowers unmistakably identify this as a figwort.  Lanceleaf or hare figwort (S. lanceolata) has a narrower flower cluster, and an undeveloped stamen inside that is yellow. It has not yet been reported from the Park.


Flower, side view
Flower, front view


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