Carrion Flower, Smilax herbacea
Smilaceae or Greenbrier Family (formerly in the Liliaceae or Lily Family )

Herbaceous (not woody) vine, climbing with tendrils over other plants.  Leaves broad, pointed, heart-shaped, with parallel veins, alternate on the vine.  Male and female flowers are on different plants. Female flowers (below) in a spherical cluster, greenish white, with six tepals, attractive, but smell like carrion.  Male flowers (not shown -- we need a picture) in a looser, more hemispherical cluster. Fruit a blue-black berry.  Blooms in mid-spring.  Sunny, open areas, especially along trails.

Other members of the genus Smilax (greenbriers) in the park have similar leaves, but are woody, perennial, thorny vines.


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