Common Cinquefoil,  Potentilla simplex
Rosaceae or Rose Family

Sprawling, weak-stemmed plant. Leaves with 5 leaflets arranged like fingers (palmate). Leaflets strongly toothed for at least 3/4 their length, and strongly veined. Flowers bright yellow, with 5 heart-shaped petals. Blooms in summer.

Bright native of fields and open woods. Occaional in Wildwood, mostly in the South Meadow area. 

The strongly toothed palmate leaves and 5-petaled yellow flowers mark this as a cinquefoil. Canada cinquefoil (P canadensis)is very similar, but the leaves are glossy and toothed only above the middle.The alien sulfur cinquefoil (P. recta) is an erect plant with paler yellow flowers. Rough or Norwegian cinquefoil (P. norvegica) is also erect and has only 3 leaflets.




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