Common Blue Violet Viola sororia
(includes V. papilionacea)
Violaceae or Violet Family

Purple-flowered  plant

White-flowered Plant
Plant from side Small plant with typical violet flowers, white with blue markings, varying to deep purple.  Side petals have white hairs. Leaves are heart-shaped with wavy edges and arise from base only.  There are no stem leaves. Blooms in spring almost anywhere sunny but not too dry. 

A common native violet.  In Wildwood, very common along the bike path and Wildwood Drive and occasional elsewhere.  Also a common weed of lawns and gardens.

Easily confused with poorly lobed forms of three-lobed violet (V. triloba), but that species prefers shady woodlands. Plants with hairless stems were formerly separated out as V. papilionacea, but most botanists now consider the two to be one variable species.

Flower Closeup