Everlasting Pea or Wild Sweet Pea,  Lathyrus latifolius
Fabaceae or Pea Family

Sprawling, climbing vine with winged stems.  Leaves divided into two leaflets and multiple tendrils that can wind around other plants for support.  Leaf stalk is also winged, and has two leaf-like structures at the base (stipules).  Flowers all summer, pink, purple or white, showy and resembling sweet pea flowers.  Fruit a pea pod.

An alien exotic, commonly cultivated in the past and now escaped to yards, roadsides and waste places.  In Wildwood it is common along the Riverway bike path, Wildwood Drive, and the trailheads at the Park boundaries.

Many plants in Wildwood have pretty pea-like flowers, but this one is easily identified by its preference for roadsides, the size of its flowers and, especially, its winged stems and leafstalks.

Pink Flowers

Blush Flowers

White Flowers