Field Forget-Me-Not, Myosotis arvensis
Boraginaceae or Borage Family


Low, open plant with tiny, under one-quarter-inch, sky-blue flowers having yellow centers. The flowers are at the top fo the stem, in curving clusters (technical term, scorpioid cymes after the tail of a scorpion). The sepals are long and narrow and have hooked hairs, Leaves and stems soft-hairy. Leaves are narrow; basal leaves have leafstalks, stem leaves do not. Fruits are brown, and are covered by the persisting sepals. The hooked hairs help the fruits to disperse to new locations in the fur of small animals and on the socks and cuffs of people.

A weedy exotic from Europe. Likes open, well-drained soil. In Wildwood, reported near the entrance gate, and at the base of the Grand Staircase. It was first noticed in 2016, suggesting it may have come in with the mowers. An annual, it may self-seed and persist.

Forget-me-nots (genus Myosotis) are fairly easy to identify by the lovely blue to white, yellow centered flowers in a curving inflorescence. Identifying the species is not so easy, but the narrow sepals, hooked hairs on the sepals and dry habitat are good clues. Many species prefer wetlands.

Populations Stem and leaves Fruits

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