Glory-of-the-Snow, Chionodoxa forbesii
Liliaceae or Lily Family


A low lily-like plant, less than a foot tall. Leaves are long and narrow and all basal. Flowers several, in an open cluster, with six petals, deep blue, whitish towards the center. Some of the flowers become slightly drooping, as in the picture at left. The anther stalks are flattened and stand side-by-side to form a little cup at the center of the flower. Blooms in early spring. In its native mountains it blooms even as the snow is melting, hence the common name.

A native of Turkey, widely cultivated for its glorious blue spring blooms. Sometimes escapes into lawns and other open areas. A least one plant is found in Wildwood, blooming in the early spring along the bikeway north of the Great South Meadow.

C. luciliae is also cultivated, though less often, and is also reported to escape. It is shorter, generally has only one or two flowers, and the flowers do not droop.


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