Hedge Maple, Acer campestre
Sapindaceae or Soapberry Family
(the maples used to be separated out in their own family, the Aceraceae)


A shrub or small tree. Leaves opposite each other, with 3 to 5 lobes having a few sublobes, but no teeth, green on both sides, turning yellow in autumn. Leaves are small for a maple. Flowers are small and yellow-green; blooms in late April - early May.

A European shrub, sometimes cultivated and rarely escaping into the wild. In Wildwood it persists or has escaped along the bikeway spur from the tunnel to Main Street.

The leaves are classical maple-like leaves. All other maples in the Park, however, are substantial trees with either toothed leaves or compound leaves.

Leaf underside Flowers Winter Bud
Autumn Leaves   Fallen autumn leaves

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