Hemp Dogbane,  Apocynum cannabinum
Apocynaceae or Dogbane Family

Erect plant, 1-3 feet tall.  Leaves long oval, obtusely pointed, on distinct stalks, opposite each other on the stem.  Flowers small, greenish-white, in small clusters.  Fruits are long, thin, cylindrical pods, in pairs.

Occasional in open areas, especially in the south field and along Wildwood Drive and the bikeway.

The leaves look a lot like milkweed leaves, and, like milkweed leaves, are opposite each other.  Milkweeds, however, have very different flowers and fruits.  Spreading dogbane (A. androsaemifolium) is somewhat similar but has pink flowers and has not been reported in the Park.

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Flower closeup


Early fruits
Plant in fruit

 Mature fruits


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